19/03/2017 (Day 280: Birgirpall And Winning Video Games)

There is an awesome channel that I follow both on Twitch and Youtube that I have spoken about in passing, but I haven’t spoken about them and why I find their content to be amazing. This channel I have done 3 remixes for previously, one of which became my most successful remix and I have followed their work for about a year. This channel I want to speak to you all about is the channel Birgirpall, which is comprised of two friends Biggi and Banzaii who on Youtube make a series of videos called “We Broke”. The concept behind this series to take video games and play them in the way they would normally play them, which is to find ways to break the game in such a way that the developers never intended to happen. On Twitch, they host Patreon stream where people can play games with them every Sunday and the games they play range from Rocket League to Jackbox Party Pack.

I found them by watching a podcast back in 2015, which is a podcast that I no longer follow because I simply did not have the time to watch the podcast every week. The thing that intrigued me the most was when they explained the “We Broke” series of videos and something clicked with me because at the time I had just got into speedrunning and was trying to break the games I speedran. I decided to check out their videos in the We Broke series and I think the first ever video I watched of theirs was “We Broke Surgeon Simulator” and the video was absolutely hilarious. After that, I hit the subscribe button so quickly because it was the sort of content that I could watch and laugh at when I was feeling down, as at the time my overall mood was low due to the fact I had left university and didn’t have a job. Their content helped me out so much during those times where I felt down and I can not thank them enough for offering content that would make me smile at times when I felt like the world was against me. I subscribe to them on Twitch because I really enjoy the Sunday streams, which I always end up laughing by the end and I watch every video of theirs that they release because I know by the end of it, I will have a huge smile on my face.  Also, Banzaii has the sort of laugh that can turn my lower days into days where I feel positive and feel like I can do anything.

As I was writing the blog, I entered a Twitch competition with a Twitch channel that I have spoken about before where I had the chance to win a retro game from GOG. The channel was Bouphe and she was celebrating her birthday and as part of this was offering 6 chances to win a game from GOG and I entered it thinking that I seriously didn’t have a chance because normally with giveaways I never win. However, the first drawing of her stream and I ended up winning, which brought a massive smile to my face and made me a happy person. Of all the games that were on offer to be won I decided upon Dungeon Keeper Gold because I have wanted to try Dungeon Keeper and the normal version of the game is not suitable for Mac, but Dungeon Keeper Gold is for Mac. I think that the game will make for a potentially good review because I have not played many retro PC games in the past and this will be a good chance to try something completely new.

Overall, definitely check out their content because it is the sort of content that you will have a huge smile after watching them. They break both older games, newer games and indie games and the way that they find ways to break them is simply entertaining and hilarious. I am also looking forward to trying Dungeon Keeper Gold because it is a game I have been interested by and winning it for free makes me super happy.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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