17/03/2017 (Day 278: Review Preview: Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle)

This week’s review that will be published tomorrow is of the 1990 Genesis game Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle. I did not play this game as a child and it was a series that I was completely unaware of because it originated on the Sega Master System, a console I was unaware existed as well growing up. The first time I encountered this game was on an Xbox 360 Sega Mega Collection, which was the same way that I first found games like Golden Axe, Shining Force and Bonanza Bros. This particular compilation I have to thank for introducing to a huge array of different series and games that were released for the Genesis because without it, I would have found some games that I have eventually written reviews for. I think the interesting thing about this collection is that there are games that were not released in PAL territories and the fact that these were also included was a huge positive.

My first experience with Alex Kidd on this collection was not a positive experience because I felt that the game controlled really poorly and I thought the major issue was how slippery Alex was to control. I thought that the graphics were not too bad, but there were so many issues with the game that I didn’t play it very much and instantly dismissed it. However, revisiting it lately I was expecting that my opinion of the game was different, but in fact I felt that the game was better when I first playing it. I could not grasp the controls because the character feels floaty and different to control and the one hit kills on the main character make the game really annoying to play. The game has no continues, which makes getting any distance into the game frustrating and simply way too annoying to even care.

Overall, I really didn’t like Alex Kidd at all because are so many issues with the game that I will expand upon with my written review. I might check out the other games in the series to see if it is just this game in the series that is weaker or whether the entire series is like this.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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