16/03/2017 (Day 277: Star Fox 2 Is OFFICIALLY Broken)

Last night after I had done a few successful runs of Any% Normal on stream, I decided that it would be a good idea to for the final 1 1/2 hours of stream to go glitch hunting to see if I could continue the momentum that I had before stream. The main reason why I have been working so hard on finding glitches and skips in Star Fox 2 recently is because previously there were no useful glitches of notes and to have 2 years of experience and not find one useful glitch was something that had been hanging over my head. I also think I did it because I was using it as a way to get used to speedrunning on my external keyboard compared to my built in keyboard because I had recently switched over to improve audio quality. I was going to do glitch hunting all stream, but I thought it would be sensible to do some runs because it is not a good idea to searching for glitches and tricks when my hands are cold. What I mean by this, is that when I start a stream my muscle memory sometimes is not always in play and this can make me prone to making silly mistakes, hence the term having cold hands.

I started searching for glitches or things known as OOB’s or Out Of Bounds, which are techniques and tricks where the player goes out of the standard bounds of play that the game sets for the player. Normally, OOB’s are difficult to locate and can take quite a long time to find and also can take a lot of trial and error to make consistent to the point where it can recreated. I found one OOB, however it ended up being a dead end because the game would reset my positioning and would restrict how far I could travel. This was quite a nice find because I had found it before by accident, but never found a way to make this consistent in terms of recreating it. I kept trying other places in all sorts of levels for about an hour with little to no success and at this point I was starting to believe I would not find anything.

Right at the end of the stream was when I found the glitch and OOB, which skipped a large section of the battleship levels. On the battleship levels in question, normally I would have to defeat a certain amount of enemies before the door to the final section of these stages would open. However, I flew into a wall and the game pushed me higher than I was meant to be, which meant I could land above the level.

Ever since I found this glitch and skip, I have received so many congratulatory messages from members of all of the Star Fox communities and have even got the community speaking of whether similar glitches could be present in the other games in the series. The fact that my first ever discovery in terms of speedrunning like this has had such an impact in the community is what makes speedrunning so enjoyable because one thing could lead to another and all of a sudden there could be glitches found in other games. I haven’t stop smiling ever since I found it because there is a feeling that after 2 years of speedrunning, I have found something that was groundbreaking.

I was also described by my fellow Star Fox 2 speedrunner as “world class” after I found the glitch, which is something that I have never been described as. I always knew that I was decent at Star Fox 2, but to be described as world class is something that I might have to get used to because I am not the sort of person to put myself on a pedestal and proclaim myself as one of the best. However, after the responses I have received, it has given me a new confidence to go and see how much more I could break this game and how many more people I could inspire because after someone saw the video, they said they were going to learn the game. The fact that I considered in such high regard is strange because I don’t expect so much praise for speedrunning because it is a hobby, but it makes the effort I put in worth it.

Overall, I have not felt so happy about finding a glitch in a game in all of my life and the response from the Star Fox 2 community has been wonderful. I want to break Star Fox 2 even more than ever now because if there is one trick like this, who knows how many more there could be?

How I Broke Star Fox 2 If you go to this link that is underlined, it will take you to the clip on when I first achieved the skip and you will hear the sheer elation from me and another Star Fox 2 runner who was in the voice chat at the time.


Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow/








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