15/03/2017 (Day 276: Star Fox 2 Breaking Attempts)

I spent most of this afternoon sitting down with Star Fox 2 looking for ways to break the game or finding glitches that could save some significant time. The only reason why this ever came to fruition is simply because I was asking a couple of members within my stream community whether the other keyboard that I will be using from tonight’s stream is quieter than when I use my onboard keyboard, which has been known to affect the audio quality of my microphone from time to time. The community agreed that using an external keyboard means that the microphone will be able to pick up my voice much clearer and cleaner compared to when I use the onboard keyboard. However, there will be a period when I have to get used to the new keyboard and I think that I will use it exclusively for speedrunning and continue to use the onboard keyboard for everything else.

After I had found this important information, I got talking with my fellow Star Fox 2 community member, Tokko_Tomcat about a few things whilst I was adapting to speedrunning with the new keyboard and I ended up finding something that looked like a potential glitch and as a speedrunner, these things I like to investigate to see if it leads to a way to save time during the speedrun. It is safe to say that there are potential ways to break the game and do things that the game does not expect of me, but there is no definitive breaks or skips as of yet. I think that I will be spending some of my stream time after I have done a couple of runs to simply investigate new ways to break the game and try out some techniques that could lead to these potential glitches. At the moment, with so little known about how Star Fox 2 behaves and so little information about people that have been able to break the game, it means that there is always an air of mystery surrounding what could happen. There is also a sense of excitement because speedrunners like me love to find new ways to play video games beyond the realms of standard gameplay and the fact that Star Fox 2 has this potential is something that I am thriving off of.

Overall, I do think that the new keyboard will take some adjusting to for speedrunning, but if it improves the sound quality, then I am all for relearning the game on this other keyboard. Also, if I can break Star Fox 2 and make more people interested in learning the game alongside me and Tokko, then I am determined even more to break the game.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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