14/03/2017 (Day 275: Okami, The Hunt For New Speedruns And New Mentality)

This afternoon I decided that it would be a cool idea to try out of the games that I picked up thrifting on Saturday because it is a game I have heard amazing things about and I have wanted to try for myself for quite some time. This game is Okami for the Playstation 2 and everything that I had heard prior to me playing the game is nothing but acclaim and that the game is considering one of the finest of the console generation. When I first started up the game, I was actually somewhat nervous because I know that the game is one of the more expensive games in my collection as most games come in at between £1-£5 with ICO and Okami being closer to the £10 price. For these games, there is a rarity to them and I get nervous that perhaps the games might not be my sort of thing, however this is not the case with Okami. The game is absolutely beautiful with an art style that I have only ever seen from games developed by Clover because the style is really unique and has aged perfectly. I definitely think that I will be writing a review of this game but the review won’t be published until July because this is a game that I don’t want to rush through and maybe miss key parts of the game.

Today, I have also been looking at a couple of games that I have had on my radar for sometime to see if the games would make for interesting speedruns. I have said previously that Star Fox 2 is currently my main focus and I want to optimise the time the best I can, however I need to have a backup game or two in place in case I run into issues of burning out on the game, which has happened before. I could easily return to old speedgames that I have ran previously and this is an option, but I want to make sure that there is a choice of a game that I have not previously speedran. My main focus will be games that perhaps have not had speedruns before because I have not routed a speedrun from scratch before and I think that the experience of routing could be a fun one. I am not saying that I am done with Star Fox 2, quite the contrary but I think if I focus solely on Star Fox 2 and I run into issues with not getting PB’s or just feel like I am hitting my head on a brick wall, then another game would be perfect.

My current options are to return to Mickey Mania, which I haven’t speedran in nearly 2 years because Star Fox 2 came along and pushed Mickey Mania aside. It would be cool to revisit this game because it was the first game I speedran and without it, I would potentially have become the sort of speedrunner I am now. Super Mario World is a speedgame that I speedran for a while, but I will definitely not be returning to it because I have lost all interest in the game. The other option for games that I have speedran would be Kirby’s Dream Land because it was a game that I got relatively decent at, but I once again used it as a side project to ease my way back into speedrunning. That seems to be the case with all these speedgames is that I use them as gateways back into speedrunning but never pursue the top games because I always feel like I am not good enough. This mentality has also turned me off from a lot of speedruns because there would be such a gulf in class that being a rookie at the speedgame would mean that I was nowhere the best. I am aiming to not have this be an issue anymore because I need to remember speedrunning about beating my best time and getting better, not trying to be the number 1 runner.

I need to remember that I am number 1 in Star Fox 2 because I have grafted at the game for nearly 2 years and I am considered one of the elite in the game (hate blowing my own trumpet like that but it is true). Speedrunners don’t suddenly become world class overnight unless the speedrunner is a special type of speedrunner and I am not that whatsoever. I think that Star Fox 2 will be the main speedrun still because of how high in regard I am held towards the game, but I might start looking at some old speedgames from the past or look into games that either look interesting. Size of the speedrunning community in these games I pick up or relearn should not be an issue because speedrunning is about improving my time as much as I can, and if I can become one of the best that is a bonus.

Overall, Okami is an amazing game that I am looking forward to playing more of in the coming days and weeks because I can already tell that it will be one of my favourites. Also, my approach to speedrunning is changing because I am known for Star Fox 2, but I think trying new speedruns and speedgames can’t harm because burnout in Star Fox 2 can happen and if I don’t have a backup plan, then I will run into issues of losing interest in speedrunning as a whole. I don’t want this to happen because it has become my favourite hobby and I have met and still am meeting so many awesome people who are and have become my friends.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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