13/03/2017 (Day 274: SNES Success And Review Progress)

I finished yesterday’s blog on a cliffhanger because I mentioned that I was getting ready to do my Star Fox 2 runs at SNES Superstars and I was nervous about it. Safe to say, my nerves did affect me at the beginning of the first run, however as the first run went on, I was able to compose myself and produce two high quality runs. I am really proud of the runs that I was able to do because the viewer count was high and I was able to showcase the speedrun in a positive light. After the runs, I received quite a lot of praise from the chat and gained quite a lot of new followers because they felt that I did a really good job on the speedruns. However, I have learnt that I should consider working on upgrading my microphone because I think that a new microphone will help improve my sound quality and it will help the stream sound more professional. The only thing I need to do is save some more money so that I can buy a USB microphone because the microphone that I want is not cheap.

Speaking of success, I have this week off work, so I decided to do some work on some reviews because I am planning to build a lead whilst I have the time to do so. Today, I was able to write the entirety of this Saturday’s review, meaning that there will be no worrying about having to get the review finished on the deadline. I think what I can do from here is continue to work on more reviews because the more work that I can get done this week, the more free time I will have to work on other projects as there are quite a few projects that I want to eventually work on. The main thing I want to work on with these upcoming reviews is to work on making sure that the reviews can go into deeper detail and cover some smaller details that whilst might be irrelevant could add a further insight into the game.

Overall, I am really happy with how my SNES Superstars run went because it was some needed experience that I will be taking into my future speedruns and streams. I am also happy with the progress with my reviews and I think that this week that I have a chance to work really hard and get really far ahead on the reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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