12/03/2017 (Day 273: SNES Superstars Nerves)

So in a couple of hours after I post this blog I will be doing my runs of Star Fox 2 for the SNES Superstars marathon. Or if you are reading this in the future, then I would have completed the runs and most likely you all will know how I did. I will say that I am feeling somewhat nervous like I normally am for speedrunning marathon because there is an additional pressure of being the world record holder. However, there is an added pressure this time because I am doing Any% hard for the first time in a marathon, which the run can be quite risky in normal attempts, but I need to play even safer to make sure that the run is finished successfully. I think for me the reason why I get nervous, especially for this marathon is simply because of the viewer count that has been over 1000 viewers for most of the marathon. I tend to struggle in front of large audiences because there is a feeling that all eyes on me and if I make a mistake or mess something up, then there is a worry that those people will think I am not a good speedrunner. However, I would not have been accepted by the marathon organisers if they felt that I was not good enough for the marathon.

I think for this marathon that I am going to be more proud because there is now someone else who speedruns the game and I can be an example of the categories are ran in a speedrunning event. I mean I am really proud of what I have achieved speedrunning Star Fox 2 and there is still more than I feel I can achieve with the game, but considering where the game was when I started compared to now, a lot has changed with the routing and how the planets work. There have also been some out of bounds glitches that I have found recently that with some more investigation could lead to the game becoming potentially broken in ways I could not imagine. I think that the marathon will allow to showcase the work I have been able to do in the last 2 years and also to show the speedrunning community that Star Fox 2 is a game that should be looked into more as a speedgame because the more people that pick up the game and run the categories, the more glitches that could be found and the more the game could be optimised.

Overall, if you are reading this before my marathon runs go to this link here, Marathon Link to see the runs live or to watch the VODs if you aren’t able to able to watch it live. I am hoping all goes well because I want to make myself, my community and most importantly the speedrunning audience proud of me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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