11/01/2017 (Day 272: Awesome Thrift And Website Updates)

Today I decided that I would go thrifting because it had been nearly a month since the last time I had been. I normally aim to go thrifting twice a month, but because I have been so busy with a multitude of different projects and I have had quite a few personal things that I have been sorting out, this month I will only get chance to go thrifting once. I am glad that I chose today to go because I managed to get quite a few rare titles and there was one title that I will reveal now that I was able to get, which actually shocked me. The game I was able to find for a really good price was a game called Okami, which is quite a rare find and a game that I have been looking for at least 3 years and I am so happy I found it. I did find a bunch of other games that I won’t reveal until I post my pickup video which won’t be until next weekend.

The other topic of note is that if you are visiting this site and you have visited before, you might notice that I have updated the background to something that is a lot easier on the eye. The reason for this change is that I was asking for some feedback to how the website looked because it had been quite some time since I either upgraded some things on the site or worked on improving the site. Now that the blog has started to become more popular than before, I thought that maybe a new lick of paint to the background was well overdue. I hope that I can continue to work on and improve the website as time goes by and if you have anything that you want to see different in the blog, then message me on Twitter or Facebook and I will see if it works.

Overall, thrifting lately has been amazing to the point where I am starting to get some quite sort after titles in my collection, meaning I get to play some of the amazing games from the library. Also, the website upgrade makes me happy because anything that makes the blog better makes me happy because I want to make sure that I am providing the best possible content.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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