09/03/2017 (Day 270: MiniNinja9 And Tokyo Machine)

Today I am continuing this week’s theme about streamers that I highly recommend and I will be speaking about a Monstercat artist who is nothing short of amazing. So, the story of today’s streamer and me becoming friends begins back in 2015, where I had recently graduated university and then stopped writing music for what would be a year. I was flicking through the Twitch directory (which seems to be the way I find a multitude of streamers I end up liking) and I am still not sure of the first stream I watched of. The streamer has also a really cool name and her name is MiniNinja9. There are quite a few things about MiniNinja9 that I really like and these aspects are what have drawn me and many others. The first thing I like is how relaxing her stream is when she does creative streams. Minininja is actually the only streamer I watch that does purely crochet when she does creative streams and there is something about watching the progress of her projects that I find to be quite therapeutic.

The second thing that I really like is that the fact that she is really interactive with her chat and actively promotes conversation with her without forcing it. I think that this welcoming aspect of her stream makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and helps create a welcoming community where people who try to ruin the stream are immediately pushed away unanimously. This is a huge plus because the first sign of any trouble that are caused by these troublemakers are dealt with in a precise and swift manner by the moderators. However, when you get to know the moderators and they know you, then they are extremely friendly and you have a joke and a laugh with them.

The final things I like about MiniNinja9 is how laid back she is as a streamer because as a viewer and how awesome her community is. This makes her more approachable as a caster and less worried about talking in the chat for the first time, but also allows for some pretty deep and interesting conversation where opinions are freely expressed. A good streamer is backed up when their community is great as well and MiniNinja9’s stream and community is one of the best on Twitch. Definitely watch her when she live because she is one of the best accidental finds for me on Twitch.

I also thought I would speak about an artist on Monstercat, whose music I can’t seem to get out of my head for the best reason and that artist is Tokyo Machine. This artist is unique because they take elements of modern EDM music and experiment with different genres, but all their releases have a retro gaming feel to them. This is because Tokyo Machine merges the classic retro gaming synth sounds with the modern EDM perfectly and I feel really gives a new lease of life to the sort of music that would be on a console like the NES. Every song that they have released has been super catchy and extremely memorable because there is a progressional feel to each song. There are times when I think what else can be added to give the song more depth and something fresh and every time Tokyo Machine does not disappoint. I think Tokyo Machine is definitely going places and is also doing something that is really unique and stands out in the EDM genre as a whole because there is simply not another artist with the sort of sound that Tokyo Machine has.

Overall, MiniNinja is a fantastic streamer and one of my favourites, as well as one of the best accidental streams that I have ever found. Great person, amazing content and one of the best Twitch communities. Also, Tokyo Machine’s music is simply some of the best music I have heard in the last few years because of the unique sound that they have made and continue to make. If you love retro video games and awesome EDM music, then check out Tokyo Machine because you won’t regret it.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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