08/03/2017 (Day 269: Tashnarr And Soundtracks For Games I Have Never Played)

To continue this week’s accidental theme of talking about my favourite streamers and showcasing them and the sheer variety of streamers, today I would like to talk about Tashnarr or Natasha, who was one of the rare streamers I found from someone else hosting them. To quickly explain what a Twitch host is, a Twitch host is where you choose a streamer that you have watched and would recommend to others or it can be a stream that you recommend for others once your stream has finished. Tashnarr is someone I found through this because every so often, I see who my fellow streamer friends are hosting and decide to check out the stream if I am channel hopping. However, Tashnarr was someone that broke this rule and had something about her that I liked. Initially, I was not sure what it was that got me interested in her channel, but I think retrospectively that is she predominantly a creative channel, which at the time I followed no creative channels.

The first thing about Tashnarr being a creative channel that got me to stay was how warm her personality is. Natasha has a great sense of humour and is extremely welcoming of everyone no matter if the viewer has watched once or a hundred times. This approach to everyone rubbed off on me because it is more important for a channel like mine where viewer numbers are at a premium.The second thing, which I think was the major draw is simply how talented she is with her and how much of a perfectionist she can be. The way that Natasha makes her crafts is using something called Perler beads where she makes patterns with different colour beads and makes video game related sprites. Her attention to detail with how she makes these sprites, as well as replying to chat is a really impressive skill and really shows that she cares a lot about her content. The final thing which I find endearing is that sometimes she can be clumsy, however she does not get embarrassed by it, but plays it off really well. I think that this is great because it makes the stream funny, but the way she just continues like nothing happened takes a lot because I wouldn’t be able to do it. Definitely check out Tashnarr, because within 3 months of me first watching her channel, I subscribed to her because I enjoyed her content so much.

On a completely different topic, on the way home I listened to some music from Super Castlevania 4 and it made me realise that some of my favourite video game music is from games or series I have never played before. For example, I have the entire Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack and I have no way of actually playing the game. See for me more than others, the soundtrack is absolutely essential for a game to feel complete and some games that are loved for the gameplay in my eyes can be ruined by a average soundtrack. On the flip side of the coin, a bad game can earn extra brownie points for a good soundtrack. I am not sure why I listen to so much video game music for games or genres that I tend to have no interest in at all, but then again in some cases it might give me an insight to a game I might not otherwise be able to play.

Overall, I adore Tashnarr’s channel and it is one of the best creative channels on Twitch because of how amazing Natasha is as a person and the quality of her crafts is amazing. Also, I do need to play some of the games that I have heard music from otherwise I might not have 100% context for the scenes or gameplay sections that the music would be suited for.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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