07/03/2017 (Day 268: Rainfalldreams And My Horror Origin Story)

Today, I will talking about an awesome streamer who has become a great friend and the story of how I first found her goes all the way back to when I was in my final year of my university degree. My final major project was about how horror video games were able to affect the player psychologically through soundtrack and sound design. I had to choose three franchises that I felt did this well and I chose Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Fatal Frame (Project Zero in Europe). Now I had experience with the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises but no experience with Fatal Frame. However, in a moment where a light bulb appeared above my head I thought that if I watched someone play through one of the games and analyse how it affected the streamer, then I would have a valid form of research. So, one night in June I was looking through the Twitch directory to see if anyone was playing any of the games from the franchise and I saw one streamer across all the directory playing a Fatal Frame game. The streamer was Rainfalldreams and the game she was playing was Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. I greeted the streamer and the chat like I normally do and mention that I am new to the stream. I usually do this as an ice breaker so that I don’t come across as awkward. It wasn’t only Rain that greeted me, but 60% of the viewers at the time welcomed me, which made me feel comfortable. I then mentioned the project I was working on and she was really supportive and showed a huge amount of interest in me and the project. I ended up following her and she mentioned that it was awesome to have someone who understood the games on a deeper level than most players. Since then, we have talked quite a bit about everything and I think that she is an awesome streamer and person. For anyone who likes a streamer with a bubbly personality and someone who takes time to care for all viewers then Rainfalldreams is the streamer for you.

Speaking of horror games, I thought that it was tangentially related to my first experience of a horror game and what other games in the genre I have played. The first game that actually scared me as a child was Alien 3 for the Sega Genesis, which I reviewed last year. It wasn’t that the game itself was scary, more the ooze dripping from the alien’s mouth at the start of each level. This stuck with me for nearly 2 decades and only in the last 3 years have I actually beaten the game. From there I played Silent Hill 2 when I was way too young and it again stuck with me until the last couple of years. But I think the first horror game I completed, which I feel it can be classed as horror is Resident Evil 4. The game was atmospheric, creepy and I couldn’t understand what the enemies were saying, which added an air of mystery. Safe to say I have played a few horror games, but not loads.

Overall, check out Rainfalldreams when she is live because she is a streamer that I feel is larger than life and really cares about the viewers. Also, I hope my horror origins story was interesting even though my experience with the genre is limited.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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