06/03/2017 (Day 267: You Spoonee Bard!!! And My Twitch Community)

There is a streamer that I found in the past 3 months that I found and this streamer’s schedule means I can watch her for a little bit before I go to work. This streamer if you couldn’t tell from the Final Fantasy reference is a streamer called Spoonee who plays a lot of RPG’s and quite a bit of Final Fantasy. Her stream for me is actually quite interesting because I found her through another member of the Twitch Team she is a part of and for no reason at all I followed her. Once I heard that her focus is Final Fantasy, I honestly was having second thoughts whether her channel would be one that I would be interested in, but her bubbly personality and high energy approach to streaming got me to stay. What is more interesting is that I don’t normally watch Final Fantasy streamers at all because it is a series where my knowledge and interest wasn’t very high at all and what Spoonee was able to do was make watching Final Fantasy actually appeal to me. That takes a special kind of streamer to achieve that with me because there are only specific games or genres that appeal to me and to have these interests changed in a short period of time like Spoonee has, that is a sign of a quality streamer. Her streaming schedule means I could wake up early in the morning and watch her for a little while, which not many streamers I follow appeal to. If you haven’t followed her yet on Twitch, then I recommend her wholeheartedly because Spoonee is the sort of streamer that can make bad days become amazing within a matter of moments.

The other thing I would like to talk about which is a great positive is the growth in my Twitch community because even though my follower count has gone down somewhat, I am starting to notice that the same viewers seem to watch every stream. Even though the follower count dropping is a bit disappointing, the fact that a small community around my stream has formed makes me a very happy person. I feel that Twitch is the best way to share my SpeedRunning interests and the fact that some new people watch alongside a core group of loyal viewers is exactly the way I want to grow the stream. I know that there are some followers who followed for specific content that I no longer have an interest on stream, but at the end of the day SpeedRunning is what 95% of my stream will be from now on.

Overall, I really enjoy Spoonee’s stream and the community she has built and she has inspired to grow my own community around content that will always be familiar to the viewer. Also, I do hope I can continue to grow my community because the more people can be part of the community, the more.inspired I will continue to be.

Have an awesome everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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