05/03/2017 (Day 266: A Very Busy Week Ahead And Sunday Superstar)

I have spent a decent amount of today preparing my schedule because I have realised that I have quite a lot of projects that I would ideally like to work on and get finished in the upcoming week. The first thing I want to do is get a good amount of reviews finished because I have wanted to get a good lead on the reviews, so that I can play more of the games that I have wanted to play. The only way that I can effectively do this is by getting far enough ahead of reviews and then plan the reviews better without running into the issue of having to get a review ready the day before or the day of publication. Hopefully, getting a sizeable lead on the reviews will mean I can play even more games.

The second thing I have to do this week is that my friend has asked me to collaborate with him on some music that he would like to do with him for his university degree. I have wanted to work with him for quite some time, but due to the fact that we have had quite different schedules recently, but now this project will allow me to collaborate for the first time in a while. I definitely think that a collaboration will allow me to work within a construct of someone else’s vision whilst putting my own touches to the music.

The final thing I will be doing this week is on Sunday I will be running Star Fox 2 in SNES Superstars and both my runs will be back to back. I am really looking forward to this because I was worried that the runs would potentially be spaced out and I would have to available for most of the marathon. I think that both runs being back to back as well will mean that for the 2nd run I will be fully warmed up and the chances of making mistakes will be reduced. However, before the run I will do some warm up runs to make sure that my hands aren’t cold because if I don’t practice before runs my marathon run, I tend to be nervous or not prepared.

Overall, this week is jam packed full of things to do and I definitely think that there will be not much downtime to relax because of the sheer amount of things I need to do. One thing I didn’t mention is also that I will be going thrifting on Saturday if I get the chance, but I like busy weeks like this as it will mean I will know what I need to do before specific dates. I am excited as well for the marathon as it will be the first marathon appearance of the year.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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