03/03/2017 (Day 264: Review Preview: Comix Zone And New Star Fox 2 Speedrunner)

Tomorrow I will be publishing my review of Comix Zone for the Sega Genesis, but I thought I would give you all an insight about how I found the game and what my first impressions were. The reason why I am talking about this in the blog rather than the review is because I feel that speaking in depth about my first impressions would potentially break up the flow of the review and would go off on too much of a tangent. I am testing this idea out today to see if you all like the idea and if I get some positive feedback, then I will make it a thing I cover exclusively on Fridays.

My first experience with Comix Zone was on the Sega Ultimate Collection that was released for the Xbox 360 and I was intrigued by it. On this collection, there were quite a few games that I was introduced to for the first time like Beyond Oasis, Vectorman and of course Comix Zone. My first impression was that the game was quite different from the other games because it is set in the pages of a comic book, which I thought was an amazing concept and one that I have not seen in modern games. I initially played it for a few minutes and was startled by the difficulty and was put off by it. However,.I revisited the game quite recently and I found a lot to like about the game. I won’t say specifics because I want to leave that for the review itself, but safe to say expect a positive review.

In other news, I am extremely happy to say that someone else has joined the Star Fox 2 SpeedRunning community and he is the first runner other than me to post a time on the leaderboard for nearly a year. The streamer, Tokko_Tomcat found me from the Star Fox Discord server and he had mentioned to me an interest in eventually learning and SpeedRunning the game, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. He posted a time which I was quite impressed by considering he has only been running the game about a week. There is definitely a feeling of happiness that someone was inspired by me to speedrun Star Fox 2 because normally I get inspired by others, but the fact that someone saw me, saw the game I was SpeedRunning and decided to learn the game as well? That definitely is one of the best feelings in the world because even though he was going to learn the game away due to his goal being to speedrun every Star Fox game, the fact that I was the catalyst for him learning the game makes me feel like I have achieved something. I am hoping that he will continue to improve his time and maybe challenge my world record because it will make me continue to work hard and optimise the game and make it the best speedrun that I can make it. I also hope that I can inspire even more runners to pick up the game, so that the community could bounce ideas and optimise the game to the maximum.

Overall, I hope that you liked the Review Preview and if you do want this section to be on Fridays, comment on Facebook or Twitter and I will make it a permanent feature. Also, the fact that I have a wingman learning and SpeedRunning Star Fox 2 is an amazing feeling and I hope he continues to run the game.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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