02/03/2017 (Day 263: PushingUpRoses)

I mentioned I think Tuesday that I was going to talk about PushingUpRoses and I decided that I would talk about because how I found her channel and eventually subscribed is quite a funny story. I initially found her when I was browsing some of the different series and playthroughs that Lazy Game Reviews had done and a couple of times PushingUpRoses had appeared in his videos. After watching I think it was a point and click game, I decided to check out her channel and for some reason, I decided to not check out more of her content because I was unsure about whether it was the sort of review content I was looking for. However, for some unknown reason I tried some of her different content and I immediately subscribed to her channel because of a few positive reasons.

The first thing I liked about PushingUpRoses was the fact that the games she was covering were quite different and explored content in video games that could be considered either controversial or just weird. There are very few reviewers that I have seen that are willing to talk about this topics because of the differing opinions that surface from these topics. The way that she explains the topics is fantastic because I can tell that she has done a huge amount of research on the topics she covers offers a balanced discussion. I definitely think that the way she covers topics like censorship in video games and the reasons for censorship really struck a chord with me because I covered censorship in a research paper I did for university. However, PushingUpRoses did not cover well known titles, but some more obscure titles and o think that this was great because there have been many mainstream examples of censorship, but to see censorship from obscure games expanded my knowledge on this topic.

Another reason why I really like her channel is the attention to detail that each video goes into without potentially spoiling the game for people who are interested in the game. She gives a brief overview of the story and when it comes to the small details of the game, whether it be specific mechanics of the game or something that stood out to her, she explains her opinion masterfully. Also, she does some videos not related to video games and I feel this offers something different and very interesting about herself, allowing the viewer to learn more about her as a person, which definitely gives a perspective of who she is. Definitely check out her Youtube channel because you will not be disappointed by the content she provides as she offers a huge variety of content. You can find her by clicking on the PushingUpRoses link to find her awesome channel.

Overall, I really like her channel and I really like the games that she covers because the games might not be well known, but the games and topics she talks about makes the channel one of my favourites.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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