01/03/2017 (Day 262: Doing Barrel Rolls And Being A Superstar)

I am quite looking forward to seeing how my stream will go tonight because I will be doing more Star Fox 2 speedruns and I am aiming to get consistent at finishing runs. My last 3 speedruns of Any% Hard have been completed successfully and I am hoping I can continue this good form tonight. I think that the shift away from being risky in Any% Hard to being much safer, but not safe to the point of making the game look slow has allowed me to improve in a few ways. First of all, it has been giving me the chance to learn each planet more thoroughly, but in a SpeedRunning environment, which means if something happens when I least expect it to, then I will be prepared. It has allowed me to improve my aerial combat techniques and really grasp how this works because I used to struggle and in any% hard combat like this is mandatory for a successful run. I think the aerial combat sections is where I have improved the most, but I think that everything is starting to come together quite nicely in this category and I hoping that I can start to optimise it soon. Then, it would be onto the category that I have only played and completed once, which is Any% Expert. Expert as a category is a completely different animal and is currently the only category I can see being a pain to route because of the sheer increase in difficulty and the complexity of the planets. Once I understand Any% Expert and have a solid foundation on what is the best approach to the category is, then I think it will be one of the most exciting categories to speedrun.

For people who perhaps are not sure why I have been working on the Any% Hard category rather than easy is because from the 10th-19th March, I am part of SNES Superstars, which is where the best SNES speedrunners come together for a showcase of different speedruns from the SNES library. I was part of this marathon last year and I really enjoyed it and was hoping I would be able to be part of a marathon as well known as SNES superstars because in the SpeedRunning community, SNES superstars is one of the largest marathon that are console specific. I have mentioned previously about the fact that I nearly didn’t submit for the marathon because I was only just returning to SpeedRunning. If it wasn’t for an awesome friend of mine, Skybilz I wouldn’t be in the marathon.

Overall, I am looking forward to tonight’s stream and getting more confidence with the category, as well as more experience with it. Also, with SNES Superstars coming up really soon, there is no time like the present to continue to get better at Star Fox 2.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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