28/02/2017 (Day 261: Things That Make You Go Bouphe)

For people who have followed the blog or my Twitch stream for a while, you know how much of a gaming geek I am and know that I have a huge passion for anything video game related, but I can guarantee that not many of you know that I have a huge intrigue for obscure video games and consoles. One major example of this is what I love hearing about and watching playthroughs of old PC games. I learnt a lot of my knowledge from watching Lazy Game Reviews and also recently PushingUpRoses, who I will talk about at some point.

Originally, I had no interest in new PC games and computers, let alone older games, but that is where Steam came into play. In 2013, I won a choice of Steam game, but at this time I mainly used my MacBook Pro for writing music and for university assignments. The game I chose was Terraria and I was sad because it was not compatible with Mac at the time. In late 2015, I decided to get Steam and I noticed that Terraria was compatible and thus began my experience playing PC games, but I digress.

There was a streamer that I found by complete accident (which I seem to do all the time and I seem to find the best streamers this way) by the name of Bouphe (pronounced Boof) or Sophie and she played some Amiga games in a marathon last week. Something about the fact she was playing the Amiga I found to be fascinating because I had not seen anyone play through an Amiga title live before. I have seen some Youtube playthroughs,.but I prefer watching live because of the interactivity that streams offer compared to Youtube. I noticed last night that she was live and I wanted to see what game she was streaming and she was streaming Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus and I was immediately hooked on her stream. I really think that she is an amazing streamer because the fact that she streams retro PC games is a huge positive and I really like her personality.

Overall, I definitely recommend Bouphe because if you have been looking for a retro PC streamer, she is the streamer that you should check out. I think that she will go far as a streamer because of the games she plays and also her awesome personality.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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