27/02/2017 (Day 260: Over The Illness And The Plans For The Week)

There was an air of mystery when I woke up this morning because I was unsure whether the illness that I had been suffering from would resurface like it had been doing for the past few days. So, when I coughed and the cough was clear, I was so happy because it meant I was over the illness. The sickness had been affecting my ability to work on reviews and even muster the strength to get out of bed, which I had not experienced for a while. Small stomach pains from airborne bugs I usually get, but my immune system is normally strong enough to deal with it. However, when I get ill like I did, it was almost impossible to power through and get past it because it drained me of my energy and there were multiple occasions where I felt like I could faint. I think the most important thing to do now is make up for the lost time and try to push so I can get the core projects out of the way and maybe even prepare for more projects. However, I need to be careful how hard I push because even though I am over the worst of the sickness, I have not recovered yet from the fatigue that it inflicted on me. I also need to take steps to avoid getting ill again because as an old saying I grew up with goes “Prevention rather than cure”.

Speaking of making up lost time, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all what my plans are and what my provisional streaming schedule is. First of all, I am planning to work really hard on reviews because at the moment I have enough reviews to reach the 50th review special. I know that I am planning ahead when I am hoping to have a review that will be published in July completed by the end of March, but this is because the more time that I can free up to play games I have not tried up before, the more in depth I could make the reviews. The best example of this is the Sonic The Hedgehog review, which was my 10th review special (at a time when I was not promoting the blog at all). That review ended up being the longest review I had and still have ever written and actually the longest project I have written full stop. The Sonic 2 review was longer than my final project for my degree and that takes some beating. I am not planning to go overly detailed in the reviews however because I still want you, the readers to check out the games I review and not feel that the review has covered small detail to the point where there would be no point playing the game.

The second thing I am hoping and planning is to stream twice this week. I know I planned the streaming this way last week, but I didn’t foresee me getting sick. I am hoping to stream this Wednesday definitely because it is a day where I have been streaming consistently and I don’t want to break this familiarity. There will be more Star Fox 2 attempts because SNES Superstars is starting to get close and even though I feel ready for the marathon runs, more.practice and more runs will continue to make me more experienced.

The final project that I will be working on this week is a new remix because the reception to the remixes have been amazing. I am not going to say who is being remixed because I want it to be a surprise, but safe to say that only 1 person knows who the remix will be off. I should also explain how I got into remixing people because it is quite an interesting story. I was watching Birgirpall who is a Twitch streamer and one of my favourite YouTube channels. Someone on stream made some funny freestyle sound effects and I jokingly said that I could remix it into a song. Well, someone in the chat challenged me to do it and I accepted because it was a style of music making that I hadn’t tried. The interesting thing is I call them remixes, but if anything, they are original mixes using a streamer as the centre of the mix. So, I made the remix and it took off in a way I wasn’t expecting because I thought if it got 5-10 listens I would be happy. However, the people I remixed retweeted my announcement tweet that the remix was live and now it sits on 140 listens, which still surprises me. Safe to say, everything after this is history and most importantly was the incentive I needed to get back into writing music.

Overall, I am so happy that I am close to feeling 100% again because it will mean that I can fire on all cylinders and really work hard on all of my current projects. I am really excited to stream again this week and maybe for the first time in a while stream twice in a week. The remixes have helped me to no end feel comfortable writing music again and experiment with different music genres and I want to thank the streamers I have remixed so far Spoonee, Authorblues and Birgirpall for letting me remix them into music.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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