26/02/2017 (Day 259: Feeling A Lot Better)

I mentioned yesterday that I was really unwell and I was worried that it could have gotten worse today. The good news is that I am feeling so much better because my throat has been clearing up quite nicely and the chesty cough has been subsiding really nicely. It is safe to say I am closer to 100% than I was expecting to, however there is one major downside to this and that is that I am really tired. I have hardly slept in the past 3 nights and it is safe to say it is definitely taking its toll on me. Everytime that I tried to settle down to sleep in the past couple of nights, my throat would get clogging up or something else that I would normally be able to avoid would stop me getting settled down. I am hoping now that I am fully on the mend that I can sleep a lot better tonight and I will try and steer clear of being unwell because it does suck being unwell. In terms of today, I have spent most of the day playing Terraria and making some pretty good progress on a world I generated only today. I finally was able to beat a boss in the game on my own which I have been struggling with for a new worlds but I am glad to finally have a boss down.

Overall, I am really happy to feeling much better than I was because it sucks a lot being ill. Sorry about the blog today being shorter mainly because I have not had the energy to do that much today due to me being unwell. I am hoping that I can do a longer blog tomorrow, so I will say thank you in advance for understanding.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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