24/02/2017 (Day 257: Fields Of Karma And A Busy Weekend)

There was an artist on Monstercat who I first heard about when I bought the Monstercat compilation 029 Havoc and the first time I heard that artist I was mystified by the artist because of how different their music sounded. The artist is called Karma Fields and the first song I heard by them was an experimental song called Sweat. The first impression of the song was quite mixed because of how confused I was and how new the sound was. However, after a couple of listens when I would hear it on shuffle and the song grew on me really quickly. I then went through my usual routine whenever I find a new artist I am interested in which is to see what other music the artist made and I found that a lot of people found Karma Fields to be polarising with lots of positive, but also some extremely negative feedback from others. I was not at all polarised by Karma Fields and I really enjoyed all the songs that they have made because of how unique the songs they were making sounded. There are definitely songs from their album New Age Dark Age that I always listen to because they sit well with me. I also find that describing Karma Fields with one specific genre is almost impossible because of the unique sound that they create. I have in fact taken inspiration from their work and been looking at making some experimental music, but not to the point where I am a copycat. Definitely if you are interested in some music that is quite different in style, but unique in sound, give Karma Fields a listen and the song I recommend the most is a song called Edge Of The World.

Away from the music I will be listening to this weekend, I will be quite busy because I have quite a few different projects that I either be finishing or starting. I have been mentioning the reviews and I definitely am looking to start building a lead on the reviews because it will free up some time that I can spent playing new games or working on my first solo album. I will also be working on a new remix that I will keep mostly under wraps because I want it to be a surprise when I release it. I think keeping up the hype about who I am remixing makes it better for me because I feel it takes away an element of pressure from my shoulders and it means I can finesse every fine detail to the standards that I aim for.

Overall, Karma Fields is an amazing artist in my opinion that produces some of the most unique music out there currently. Also I am looking forward to working hard on projects because I want to share more content with you.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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