23/02/2017 (Day 256: Demonic Doris And The Star Fox 2 Community)

Today in my part of the world there has been quite a nasty storm hit and Doris (which is the funniest name for a weather storm ever) has not been holding anything back. The winds have been pretty bad so much so that when I was catching the bus home, something and I am still not sure what flew into my eye. I think it might have been a speck of dirt or anything because the wind was buffering me somewhat. At the time I am writing this, which is about 5pm, the skies overhead are looking quite nasty and dark skies do worry me because of a storm that happened on my 13th birthday when I was on holiday in Greece.

The night before, which was 24th September 2005 there was a unusual storm that took place where there was some rainfall, no thunder but a lightning show overlooking the sea. It was amazing to look at because it did an entire lap of the neighbouring island, little was I aware that night the same storm would strike the island my family was vacationing on. The storm was the complete opposite in the fact that there was no lighting during the storm, but lots of thunder and torrential rain. The storm was so powerful that it took out the power on the entire island. I was so scared that I didn’t sleep the entire night and ever since I have been scared of thunderstorms hitting at night.

On a more positive note, I streamed some Star Fox 2 last night because I am continuing to prepare for SNES superstars and I am mainly working on completing runs and getting more experienced in any% hard. When I did my usual posting of the stream saying that I am live, I was not expecting anyone new to show up simply because Star Fox 2 is such a niche game and somewhat obscure compared to Mario or Sonic speedruns. However, there was someone new who mentioned to me that they were learning to speedrun Star Fox 2, which surprised me as there have not been any other active speedrunners of the game apart from me for nearly a year. I was able to complete 3 runs and the new viewer thanked me for showing him the game in a speedrunning environment, which is one of the reasons why I love streaming. I meet new people through the video games I speedrun or people who enjoy watching speedrunners in general and the fact that the stream acted like a live tutorial for someone learning the game makes the effort worth it.

Overall, I do hope the storm does not get any worse than it already has because it has caused some damage to my town. Also, I hope that through speedrunning I can continue to make friends and potentially expand the Star Fox 2 community.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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