22/02/2017 (Day 255: Diet Update And Resisting Food Cravings)

Today I thought I would update you all about how my dietary changes have been going because on Monday I decided it was time to sort out a few things in my diet. I have been doing really well because I have been opting for slightly larger meal sizes without adding too many calories. The thing is that I used to have large meals, but the meals I would choose were loaded with calories and it would make me feel really unwell after eating them. So, the main thing I have changed however is less food like pot noodles and pre made foods like that because these meals would not fill me up, but would have more calories. I think the nature of these foods made them not very filling and I have gone for more things like sandwiches, sausage rolls and turkey meats instead of pot noodles and it is safe to say that they taste much nicer and fill me up more. The other thing I have changed is the fact that I now drink some water before I eat meals, which gives me the extra feeling of being full, as well as maintaining my water levels due to a tendency for me to not drink enough fluids throughout the day.

I did make quite a big breakthrough in terms of resisting my food cravings because when I went up to the store up the road from me, I normally get some large bags of crisps, which has almost become a routine for me. However, today I did pick up 2 large bags in the store, but I immediately put them back with the comment “I don’t need to buy them” and I feel a lot better for resisting because it can be easy for me to cave in and give in to cravings. This self control needs to continue because if I can do it in one situation, then hopefully I can transfer this to more situations.

Overall, I am really proud of this progress I have been making because I have been hitting a brick wall lately in terms of weight loss. Hopefully, I can continue this because weight loss does make me feel good and every lb I lose is a step closer to my perfect weight.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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