21/02/2017 (Day 254: Review Progress And TV Radio)

Today I have been working on some of the reviews that I mentioned that I had organised yesterday because I am working on building a lead if I can. The main thing I have been working on is getting the screenshots that I will be using in the reviews because I am looking to have good quality images in the review, as I feel it offers an insight to what the game looks like. There are quite a few games that I have been getting screenshots for because when it comes to the review process, getting screenshots is the first step I take. I could easily just not worry about screenshots, however it makes the text and the sections of the review look like a wall of text and I feel the screenshots break up the reviews nicely.

I will introduce a section of the blog on Fridays where I give a preview of the game I am reviewing to see if anyone recognises the game I will be reviewing. I think what this might do without giving too many spoilers is to give a taster for readers of the daily blog who perhaps don’t read the reviews an idea of the sort of content the reviews are. I will try it this Friday and see what sort of reception it gets because if the readers do not like it, then I won’t do it.

The other thing of interest that I had not tried until tonight was the fact that I can listen to radio stations through my TV, more specifically local radio stations. I know that the national stations offered by the BBC can be listened to through digital services, but I have a cable like service and I was not aware of the sheer amount of radio stations I can listen to. I have been using this awesome feature that I was not aware off to listen to my local football team, which normally I would have to get out my giant 80s boombox out and I would have to organise all my wires. The reason why I would have to reorganise my extension lead wires is because the plug from my Playstation 2 fits in my boombox and I have a full extension lead of wires.

Overall, I am hoping that the progress with the reviews continue because I am looking forward to having some time away from the reviews as I do worry about eventually burning out. If I do burn out, then there would be a risk of there being no reviews for an extended period of time. Also, listening to the radio through my TV is a weird experience but one that is actually quite useful for me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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