20/02/2017 (Day 253: Healthier Eating And Review Planning)

Today was a day where I made some progress in 2 key areas, the first being steadying the ship in terms of my diet. I will be honest in the fact that my diet has been extremely topsy turvy with my eating habits and I was starting to worry because even though I was losing some weight, I was not feeling any better in myself. I felt bloated pretty much all the time and I think the excess junk food I was consuming and it also was affecting my self confidence.

After thinking quite thoroughly about what I can change, I have decided that what I need to do is cut out the excess junk food, but not completely eliminate it because I can still have some junk food in moderation. Moderation for me is perhaps the most important thing I can start doing because if I have some junk food, then I overindulge in it and eat much more than I need to. I could easily say to myself that from today, no more of this food and no more of this food, however it will be counterproductive because it could introduce cravings. The worst thing about having cravings is that if I don’t deal with the cravings on one day, it will worsen the next day and could mean me eating way too much. I definitely think that I can continue to lose weight, but I am hoping to do it in a more efficient way, rather than relying on what I can only describe as lucky weight loss.

On another positive note, I have been working through the games that I feel ready to review, as well as planning the process of writing these reviews because I did miss a review last Saturday. Then again, a lot of things happened personally that I don’t want to talk about which caused me to be distracted away from writing reviews. However, now that these issues I have had are settling down, I can now focus on getting the upcoming reviews written and there is a lot of reviews I can now write, 19 in total. I have the games up to my 50th review special ready to write and I just now need to get my head down and write these reviews, so that I can free up more time to play more games for more reviews. Even though it might seem like I am thinking too far ahead, I have the Halloween and Christmas games chosen for this year, however I will be doing something different. There will be a review the Saturdays before the Halloween and Christmas reviews, so that the special reviews don’t interfere with the Saturday release schedule.

Overall, today has been a positive day and one that I needed to sort out for quite some time. On a final note, I have also sorted out the remixes I want to work on as well in the next few weeks because there have been a remix or two which I am interested in making, which I am hoping will continue to grow my confidence in terms of eventually making my album. I think the plan for the original material album will be aim for an EP length and if I come up with enough material for a full length album, then it is a bonus.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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