19/02/2017 (Day 252: Genesis Gems)

Today whilst I was playing Terraria, I decided that I needed to try and continue working on catching up on some podcasts. I could not decide what podcast to listen to, so instead I used a random number generator to decide which of the 7 podcasts I would listen to and it picked Genesis Gems. I started listening to this by pure accident where I was looking for console related podcasts because I had found 2 other podcasts that were about consoles and I thought that maybe there would be a console about the Genesis.

I am glad I found this podcast because they go into quite a lot of detail about the games they cover and every aspect of the game is explained thoroughly. I also like the fact that they have guests from other gaming podcasts, which can offer a different perspective, especially when the guests are from Nintendo podcasts. I think that the best thing about the podcast is the fact that they cover bad and good games, as well as some obscure games. The reason why the obscure games in the Genesis library is a huge positive is because it allows me to learn about games that I otherwise might not have been aware off. Also, I believe that they will be expanding into Sega CD and 32X games, which I am quite excited about because I am quite interested by these 2 game libraries. I definitely recommend this podcast because it is a great resource for learning about new Genesis games, as well as a great podcast for the sheer detail the hosts go into makes me interested in the games they cover.

Overall, Genesis Gems is a great podcast that I recommend for anyone who is interested in retro video games because they compare the different versions, which offers a broad perspective of the game. The guests are fantastic and offer differing opinions and come from different perspectives, which offers a more well rounded discussions. Check out the podcast and you won’t regret it and it is one of my favourite podcasts.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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