18/02/2017 (Day 251: Really Good Charity Shopping/Thrift And My Shopping Methods)

Today I went thrifting like I had initially planned, however the first half of it did not go very well at all. I think I went to something like 8 or 9 different thrift stores on the route I normally take and in each of these first stores that was literally nothing that got me interested, which is quite unusual at least something would catch my eye. I was getting quite worried that I would walk away with nothing from my thrifting adventures, which has never happened before and thankfully did not happen today. I don’t know why the second half of the thrift ends up going so well compared to the first half. From what I can tell, the other stores I finish with tend to rotate their stock quite a bit more often and this offers more variety in terms of what I find.

There are some stores that I went to that have had the same stock, left unsold for as long as 3 months, which I mind quite confusing. If a store has stock that is not selling at all, surely at that point the manager of the store would question the viability of the stock they have. Some stores don’t put all of the games they have for sale out on the shop floor, which is understandable because in some cases, there would not be enough room for it. I always ask the thrift stores if they have anything else in the back in storage that is not out yet because quite often there are quite a few games that are on sale yet. Most stores are gracious enough to let me see these other games and most of the time I found some gems that I would have otherwise missed.

This month’s thrift ended up being quite good, even though I did not get as many games as I normally would. I did however, get quite a few new PS1 games liked I said I was hoping for in yesterday’s blog. In a few of the occasions, I did pay somewhat more than I would have liked for these games simply because finding PS1 games in the wild in thrift stores here in the UK is exceedingly uncommon and one of the stores had 25 games to choose from. Safe to say, I walked out that particular store with 6 new PS1 games, which is the best PS1 haul I have had from a thrift ever. I did get some other interesting games that I look forward to playing with my new PS2 controller, which I definitely paid over the odds for. However, I needed a PS2 controller quite urgently as my unofficial one was acting up, so I was able to get a silver official PS2 controller for £10/$13, which is a lot but finding PS2 controllers for ok prices is getting harder.

Overall, I am really happy with the haul I got this month, especially with the fact I got ICO earlier in the month. The PS1 games are a much welcome addition to my collection and I am hoping that I can keep finding more PS1 games with spring coming up. Spring tends to be the best time to thrift simply because of everyone doing spring cleaning and old video games do often get donated and/or sold to the stores, so hopefully March, April and May will be good thrift months.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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