16/02/2017 (Day 249: Funny Day, Plans For Annual Leave And Monstercat FM)

Today has been quite a funny and funky day because right from the outset things decided to either be weird or just hilarious. The first thing that happened is that I forgot my bus pass because I accidentally put my jacket upside down and I forgot to pick it up. I normally get a bus pass for a week at a time, but only when I got to the bus did I notice it wasn’t in my pocket. Somehow after that I managed to drop the day pass, which I bought on the bus, so I had to get a single fare home. Once I got to work, as soon as I sat on my chair, it decided to break. I think it knew it was me and decided that it had enough of being sat on. Even better, my Sellotape holder decided to completely vanish from my sight, but even funnier is that when I started feeling confused about the fact it was missing, it reappeared. This was all within 3 hours and I felt a mixture of confusion, bemusement and trying not to laugh. I don’t think I have had a morning where everything was so strange, but the rest of the day went fine. It reminds me of a saying that everything that happens, tends to happen in threes and safe to say that the saying resonates with me now.

Away from the sheer weirdness and hilarity that was this morning, I am looking forward to next week because I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday booked off work and I do have quite a few things planned for those days. One of the things I might do is go to town to check out a new Primark store that recently opened. The nearest Primark to me before the new store opened was 60 miles away and I say that the quality of Primark clothing is actually quite good. I also want to expand the variety of clothes in my wardrobe because I have gone for a more geeky feel to it, so I am hoping to find some new additions to my wardrobe.

The second thing I will be doing is looking to play some games with some friends who live in the US that I otherwise can’t play with. One example is my friend Skybilz who I spoke about yesterday who I have wanted to play Golf With Your Friends with for quite some time now and now I can stay up later to join in the multiplayer fun that they seem to have. I am a huge fan of Golf With Your Friends, but it has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to play it with some friends. I do sometimes practice the game so that I am still used to the mechanics and also can adapt to the changes in the game as it gets updated.

The final thing I will talk about is Monstercat FM, which is currently the only radio station that I listen to because it has all of my Monstercat favourites. I lost interest in standard radio stations due to the tendency by these stations to repeat the same playlist up to 5 times a day and also the music choices from these stations are really poor. Monstercat FM is completely different because the station does not play any bad music at all because no bad music is accepted on Monstercat.

Overall, today has been a hilarious day that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry because everything has been interesting to say the least. I am really looking forward to playing some games with my friends on my days off as I do miss play games with my friends. Also, Monstercat FM is perhaps the best radio station because of the sheer quality of the music and the fact that songs don’t get repeated every couple of hours.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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