15/02/2017 (Day 248: My Speedrunning Inspirations, Positive Reception To The New Blog And Friday Stream)

I have decided today to speak about how I got inspired to start SpeedRunning and who keeps me going in terms of SpeedRunning friends. It started in 2013 where I was quite new to Twitch and found a streamer who speedran a game I thought I knew quite well, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I quite enjoyed the speedruns but the streamer would reset the game way too often and not complete many runs. I then found a speedrunner called Spikevegeta who speedran and still does speedrun Rayman for the PS1. These runs are amazing to watch because the skill and tricks that are done in this run are simply spectacular. I still watch Spikevegeta and I have followed him on Twitch for nearly 4 years.

There are a couple of speedrunners who I have befriended and I will be honest, I found all of them by complete accident. The first streamer I will talk about is perhaps my best friend in SpeedRunning circles and that is Skybilz. I found her by accident in the Summer of 2014 when I was bored with my studies one night and I decided to look at Super Mario World speedrunners and Skybilz name was the number 1 streamer of the game that night and I thought I would check out her channel. It is safe to say that it was the happiest accident I have ever done and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She has offered me so much support throughout the last couple of years and I want to say thank you to her because I don’t think I would have become the speedrunner or streamer I am today. Her boyfriend as well, Authorblues has also been an amazing person with SpeedRunning advice and also learning how to find new and awesome speedgames to try.

Speaking of trying new things, I have noticed that since I have changed my approach to the blog, a lot more of you seem to be reading the blogs and showing your support for it. The main reason for the change was that I felt like I was not providing enough content in each blog and adding some more varied topics might make it more interesting. This blog I remembered as I decided to make the change was about my life, but also what makes me who I am and the things I am interested in makes up some of the structure of me as a person. I am glad that the changes have increased your engagement with the blog and I hope it will continue because everyone who reads the blog, even if you have only read one or you have read all of them, I appreciate.

The final topic I will talk about is an event that will be happening this Friday and that is that I am streaming because I do need some more Star Fox 2 practice. I will admit that during my stream hiatus where I had to sort out some personal things that there were times where I considered retiring from SpeedRunning and streaming in general because I had lost my spark for it. Now that I am easing back into streaming, I am so glad I didn’t retire because it would have been one of the biggest mistakes I could have made as I have made so many friends through SpeedRunning and I have a small community who watch me.

Overall, thank you so much to Skybilz for inspiring me to begin speedrunning and streaming and always being there when I need someone to talk about streaming. I am over the moon about how the blog has been received recently and I feel that the blog is growing nicely. I am also hyped about streaming Friday night because I wonder if I can make it 2 world records in 2 streams.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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