14/02/2017 (Day 247: The Chillest, Stream Goals And Valentine’s Day)

Last night was the first time that I was able to watch a podcast that I have only been able to watch on YouTube and watch it live. The podcast called The Chillest Podcast is a podcast where members of the Twitch team The Chillest meet up once a month to talk about a variety of different topics related to streaming and Twitch in general. Before I watched it live, I had only watched 2 of the previous podcasts online and I found it quite enjoyable to watch, but also as a audio only podcast. The length tends to range between two to three hours in length, but once a month for a podcast of this length for me is perfect. There was a podcast I used to listen to that was 3 hours long, but that podcast was once a week and I felt like I could not keep up with the rate that these podcasts were. With podcasts that are shorter in length but published more often, I find it not to be a problem, but this other podcast meant I couldn’t keep up with the other podcasts I was subscribed to at the time.

I find that the members of The Chillest (who are also a Twitch team) work really well together on the podcast because they all have different opinions and are different types of streamers. For example, a couple of the members are speedrunners, but also look to be variety casters and there are the streamers who are full time variety casters and single game casters. This perfect balance of streamers in terms of type and also of different opinions creates an environment where no opinion outweighs another.Perhaps the best thing about the podcast is that the streamers on the show will take questions from the Twitch chat as long as it is a good question, but also one that pertains to the subject that they are discussing. What this gives is some viewer interaction between the audience and the streamers that I have not seen on other podcasts. However, the fact that the questions that are discussed never detracts from the framework and structure that is set from the beginning. Definitely check out the podcast which is on twitch.tv/snowlit once per month.

After watching the podcast, it made have a think about what my stream goals are at the moment because whilst I have a general goal for the year, I have decided that I should break this goal down into smaller chunks. The reason for this change of mentality is because if I have smaller goals, then they are going to be easier to achieve rather than having a potentially ambitious end goal. My goal for the end of the year is to have 300 followers, but I think this might be a tough goal, but 10 followers a goal might make sure I don’t lose interest or get demoralized come the end of the year.

The last thing I thought I would mention with it being February 14th and all is Valentines Day. I have not had much interest in the celebration because believe it or not I have been single for 10 years. I would love to get a girlfriend eventually, but I am making sure that I don’t rush into a relationship as I do worry about getting hurt. Also, I feel that the special someone would understand my disabilities and how they affect me, but most importantly not want me to change for them. It sounds like the girl I would love to date does not exist, but love can be a wonderful and powerful thing.

Overall, I would recommend The Chillest Podcast because the hosts are fantastic, the discussion is top notch and it makes for a great listen. I am hoping that the smaller stream goals will encourage me to stream more often and work harder on the stream quality. I would also love to get a girlfriend eventually, but rushing into a relationship is not my plan.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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