13/02/2017 (Day 246: New Star Fox 2 World Record, Weight Loss And New Projects)

I have quite a few great pieces of news to tell everyone today and I will start with SpeedRunning news. Friday night was the first night since I found out I was in SNES Superstars that I practiced the game and the category that I will be running, which is any% hard. Initially, the runs did not go according to plan with 3 straight runs failing to reach the final stage. I was definitely getting concerned about it because I know how dangerous of a category it can be when I am pushing to get a world record. The 4th and final run I did I was quite anxious that the run would also fall into the uncompleted column, but I was able to finish the run and beat my previous world record by nearly 45 seconds with a 23:03. I was so close to getting a sub 23 run, but the fact I was able to beat a world record I set nearly a year ago was a good feeling. The sheer fact I got a new record in the first night of attempts of any% hard in months makes me feel optimistic about the upcoming practice runs and also how much further I could push the time down. I also found what is believed to be the first out of bounds in the game, which sadly I could not recreate.

It has been quite a while since I spoke about my diet and how I have been progressing. I have lost another 7lbs of weight in the last few weeks, which means for the first time in a long time I am under 250lbs (17st 9lbs). I was actually somewhat surprised because I was feeling that my diet had been going poorly, but I think that the amount of walking I have been doing has allowed me to get away with some extra calories without causing me to gain any weight. I also think that the way I have been pushing my fitness somewhat more as well has allowed me to improve my stamina and my endurance. I am hoping to continue this weight loss because I have not felt this good about myself in quite some time. My body confidence has also improved to the point where I don’t see myself as a larger person because I understand now that I would not want to be skinny, but of course some more weight loss will do wonders for my improving health.

The final thing, which is more of an announcement and a plan, rather than anything that has happened is that I am working on new projects related to my music. I am currently conceptualising my first solo album of original material that is not a remix. This does not mean that it is the end of the remixes whatsoever because I enjoy making remixes too much, but more it will be once I have a sizeable lead on the game reviews, it will free up more time to experiment with original material and musical styles. I am looking forward to writing my first album because I have written 1 EP before, but I am looking to be ambitious and got for about an hour work of musical content within the album. The album does not have a name currently nor do I think it will have one for a little while.

Overall, I am so happy that I got a brand new Any% Hard Star Fox 2 world record, considering it is still about a month until my runs in SNES Superstars. My progress in terms of weight loss have been great and I am looking to try even harder to shift even more weight. Also, conceptualising my first album might take some time and I won’t release any singles until the month before the album is released.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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