12/02/2017 (Day 245: Podcast Catch Up, The Frame Savers And Review Structure)

I spent today mostly relaxing and letting my mind recalibrate itself because otherwise I can end up feeling somewhat frazzled. Whilst I was doing this and playing Terraria, I decided to listen to a bunch of podcasts that I have looking to catch up on. Before this week, I had gone about 2 or 3 months without listening to any podcasts and now I regret it because I had lost track with the podcasts I had listened to. After I reset the plays and omitted the podcasts that part of the main series in the podcasts, it saved about 2 hours but the amount of hours was nearing 400 hours. To put that into perspective, if I listen to the podcasts 24/7 for 3 straight weeks, then I would be caught up. That is an insane amount of content to listen to and I think it will take a least 3 or 4 months to catch up, but I am using the podcasts as something to listen to whilst I am writing reviews because in the coming months I will be looking to write quite a lot of reviews.

One of these podcasts, which I believe was the first podcast that I had ever listened to relating to video games and the first podcast I ever subscribed is called The Frame Savers. Hosted by two awesome friends of mine, Authorblues and JohnCarls, the premise of the podcast is to review a game then dissect the game as a speedrun, which means for people who perhaps have only a passing interest in speedrunning it could be a way to understand the elements of speedrunning in a new way. The variety of games and guests that they have had on gives the podcast a huge feel of community, as it allows a wide variety of speedrunners to explain their speedgames in smaller chunks. This allows for some games that have a lot of speedrunning tech and strategies to be understood more and also for new runners to understand how the game behaves. I definitely think that this is my favourite podcast because the hosts have great voices and work really well off of each other, as well as the games being covered being a perfect blend of retro games, obscure games and some more modern titles occasionally being covered.

The final thing that I will be working on quite hard this week is the review structure because I am coming to the end of the first wave of reviews, which ends with review 35. I do have quite a lot of reviews for wave 2 (reviews 36-50) that I need to decide the order of, as well as what consoles need more representation because I don’t like having too many reviews back to back from the same console. I think the issue I currently have is that I have way too many Playstation and Playstation 2 games to review and not enough retro games.

Overall, it is great to be catching up on my retro gaming podcasts, even though it will take a long time to fully catch up. Also, I am hoping that I can build a lead on the reviews, so that I have some time to play some potentially longer games for reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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