11/02/2017 (Day 244: Snow Has Showed Up And Going Haywyre)

To follow up from yesterday’s blog where I mentioned about the fact that the snow had not showed up, well today it decided to snow like crazy and only stopped snowing at about 9pm this evening. It is quite strange, as if mother nature decided to troll me and say “You said there would be no snow? I will prove you completely wrong.” It definitely was really cool to see it snow heavily as it hasn’t snowed all that much in recent Winters. This winter has also pretty disappointing this year in terms of snowfall with no accumulations for what must be getting on for about 5 years now. It is definitely a shame because I quite like the snow, but so long as I don’t have to travel in it.

On a different topic entirely, there is a musician who is signed to Monstercat, who has really stood out on the label with nothing but amazing releases and also music that has kind of inspired me. This artist is Haywyre and he has released 2 amazing albums in the past 3 years on the Monstercat label, Two Fold Pt 1 in 2014 and Two Fold Pt 2 in 2016. The reason why Haywyre stands out so much on the label is the fact that every song or album he releases is produced extremely well, but does not fall into the category of being overproduced. The songs are produced perfectly so that every single element of the song is clear and never outstays it’s welcome and the songs are always interesting to analyse as a fellow composer.

The most impressive thing is that Haywyre is a classically trained pianist and this quality and training really stands out when hearing how he is able to change keys and chords throughout his compositions. He also has written music for quite a few different genres of music, with everything from Future Bass to House. There is not one song that Haywyre has composed that I dislike because there is so much to like about how his achieves such a cool and well produced sound. He has also done some live performances for Monstercat that were done in one take without any mistakes, which makes me admire what he is able to achieve through music even more.

Overall, it is good to finally see some snow even though it didn’t settle and I have a feeling that it will be the last snow of Winter, which is always saddening. Also, I would recommend checking out Haywyre because his music is simply breathtaking.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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