10/02/2017 (Day 243: Snow Show, Star Fox 2 And Speedrunning Stream)

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the fact that there was potential snow showers and some accumulations of snow possible. To put it literally it was a snow show because not a single snowflake fell at all and is another example where over exaggeration of the forecast comes into play. Every time it even marginally cold here in the UK, we decide that even the slightest chance of snow gets blown wildly out of proportion. The issue is that it makes me worry about travelling in the conditions because I take the bus pretty much everywhere and if the conditions get difficult then I get concerned. I am not saying that the forecast is always incorrect because the temperature predictions are normally spot on, but the actual predictions of whether it will snow, rain or be stormy seem to be difficult to predict. (As I was writing the blog, the weather decided to troll me and start snowing. No accumulations as of yet, but if there is any, I will mention it tomorrow.

Away from the typical British moan about the forecast, I do have some SpeedRunning news relating to Star Fox 2. A couple of weeks ago, I was starting to derust my Star Fox 2 runs on stream because it had been almost 2 months since I had even opened the game. my plan at the time was to slowly derust the game and practice some small parts of the game, so that I could get back used to the game and how it played.

About a week ago I was speaking with a friend about SpeedRunning and a marathon called SNES Superstars. I mainly spoke to her (Skybilz is her Twitch name) about the games she had submitted and how I was looking forward to watching it. Sky then asked me if I was submitting Star Fox 2 for the marathon because she said she enjoyed the run from last year and I mentioned that I didn’t feel ready. However, after speaking about it quite a bit more, I decided to submit 2 categories for the marathon because I was practising any% hard and I can do any% normal comfortably and I had both categories accepted with any% hard being the main category, which I am excited about but also nervous. Any% hard has been known to cause me a couple of issues, but this is more down to lack of experience rather than lack of ability. I have ran any% normal for quite some time now, but any% hard was a recent addition to my forte. I will be practising it quite a bit between now and the marathon, which runs March 10th-19th over at https://www.twitch.tv/speedgaming .

Speaking of Twitch and streaming, I will be streaming tonight at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) because it has been quite a while since I streamed. I am looking to eventually sort out my streaming schedule because I really want to sort it out as I have been wanting to have a framework, so that my community knows which days I will be streaming and what times I will be streaming. I am thinking currently that 3 nights a week will be a good amount because I want to make sure that I still have some nights to work on the reviews as I don’t want the reviews to be second to speedrunning.

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing how the stream will go tonight and I am really excited for the SNES Superstars marathon in March.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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