09/02/2017 (Day 242: Lazy Game Reviews, Thrifting And Tech Tales)

In the past few months, I have been expanding my horizons in terms of the sort of content that I have been watching online because I felt that I should maybe try some new content creators. I also looked to try some content that perhaps was about consoles and gaming platforms that I had not explored. I also did not exclude one type of content over another because whilst I like podcasts a lot, there will be times where I feel like watching a video. It was me exploring like this that introduced me to a Youtube channel called Lazy Game Reviews or LGR for short.

LGR is centered around PC gaming and more about what the computer hardware was capable of doing. LGR or Clint as I will refer to him has quite a lot of different vintage computers from all sorts of different companies, which run a wide variety of Operating Systems. I found the channel completely by accident after watching a Youtube Poop of him and normally when I watch Youtube Poops, I tend to not have too much interest in the original source work used for the parody video. However, there was something about LGR (I know I swapped again because I am indecisive) and the video that was remixed that made me want to check out his channel.

Once I watched the video for the first time, there are quite a few things about the channel which made me subscribe. The first thing was that LGR doesn’t curse at all, except on very seldom occasions, which in the world of game critique is quite rare. The next thing I liked was how much research and effort went into each video because there was occasions where I felt like the video was about consoles and games that perhaps in terms of what I know about gaming would either be out of my comfort zone or I would not understand what the creator meant. However, LGR is a great exception to this rule because I have watched videos about computer hardware and other computers that LGR owns and the way he describes the computer in a way that pretty much anymore could watch it and learn is astounding.

It is not just the game reviews and hardware reviews that got me hooked on his content, but more the amount of different series he does. There are two series which one inspired me to go thrifting more often and one that taught me about computer history. The foremost series called LGR Thrifts is a vlog where the video is showing what he can find in Goodwill thrift stores near him. This series is fantastic because it is not solely about the games he finds for his collection, but also about some of the weird oddities he finds. It really gives a great insight into thrifting (charity shopping in the UK) and the experience of searching these stores for things of interest.

The other series which is my favourite series of his is a computer history show called LGR Tech Tales. This series is fascinating because it talks in deep detail about the companies that made technological breakthroughs or stories about success and failure in the computing world. These videos are awesome because it reminds me of 80s computer shows like Computer Chronicles, but from a modern perspective looking back. I definitely think that LGR is worth checking out because the quality of the content is astounding and I have learned so much about computers when a year ago I pretty much knew nothing.

Overall, I am happy that running into LGR’s channel ended up being a happy accident because I think his content is some of the best online. I think the delivery of the content is great and also the sheer variety in his content makes it a channel I wholeheartedly recommend.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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