08/02/2017 (Day 241: Work Consistency, Winter’s Revenge And Electroswing)

Today went really well again at work and I am feeling really happy with how I have been progressing. It is now seven straight working days that I have been able to get my morning role done by the time that is expected of me. The main surprise relating to this is the fact that I have only been in the role for 11 working days and how quickly I have adapted to the morning role and how the consistency have come out of leftfield. It is amazing how it has affected my confidence in and out of work (don’t worry. Unlike Day 236 where half of it disappeared, I will make sure it doesn’t this time.) I can safely say that this is the highest my confidence has even been because there is a feeling of continuous progression, but there is very little chance that a fall from grace will happen. I have really enjoyed work lately and I look forward to what every day has in store for me.

Now for the next little section l I am going to sound like a typical British person and talk about the weather because it is getting quite cold all of a sudden. For the past 2 weeks the weather has been somewhat warmer with just the night temperatures tending to be quite a bit lower. However, when I checked the most recent forecast, I heard that tomorrow morning there is a risk of snow showers. When I was younger, I used to really like seeing the snow and playing in it, however for some reason now I have to potentially travel in it, both on foot and on a bus, that wonderland I used to look forward to has diminished somewhat. Don’t get me wrong I still like the snow and it is a beautiful weather condition to watch, there is now almost a worry about travelling in it because I now realise how treacherous it can truly be. If it were to snow on a weekend for example, I would look forward to it, but workdays not so much. Maybe I am just very awkward when it comes to what weather conditions I prefer.

Shifting completely away from the weather and onto music, fans of the blog already know that I am a huge fan of Monstercat and that I listen to it quite often. However, it is not the only music I listen to because, in what might seem to be quite a surprise I really like listening to what is known as Electroswing music. I am not sure what introduced me to the genre of music, but I am glad I was because there is something about the retro and modern styles merging together that make electroswing really interesting to listen to. Swing music on it’s own I don’t listen to at all, but something about the style alongside electronic music makes it great to listen to.

Overall, I am overjoyed with how I continue to do well at work and improve in more ways than I was expecting. Also, I want to say thank you to everyone who read yesterday’s blog, as it shows me that publishing the blog earlier in the day seems to appeal to more people.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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