07/02/2017 (Day 240: The 2 NES Dudes And A New Approach To The Blog)

Yesterday, I was looking through my list of podcasts that I listen to and I realised that I had lost track with where I was in each of the series I listen to. At this point, I thought it was a good idea to reset the plays on them because I don’t want to continue listening to a series part way through and there be references to previous episodes that I don’t remember. Once I had done this I looked at how many hours of podcasts I had to listen to and I was stunned to see that I had nearly 400 hours of podcasts to listen to. Well, after I had omitted some of them which either were not full episodes or one of them which I was on because it is 30 minutes that I can save. After I had done this, the hour count was closer to a more modest 380 hours (hopefully the sarcasm was effective there).

One of these podcasts, 2 dudes and a NES was a podcast I was aware of but never subscribed to them on iTunes and I thought I would them a listen. This ended up being a really good decision because I found the podcast to be quite interesting and also quite informative. There is the comedy aspect of the podcast that I really like because the comedy adds to the podcast,.but doesn’t detract from the topic they are talking about. I think the way the hosts dissect each game and give great overviews and trivia meant that I was learning something about games that I know really well. Also, the length of the podcasts are not too long either with most episodes being between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, which for me is perfect. However, I do like longer length podcasts but for a console like the NES, I think they got the length absolutely spot on. I even like the segment where Michael Kelso, talks about the collecting aspect of the game because there are some games that are quite expensive and some games which surprised me by how cheap they were. I really recommend this podcast because even if you are like me and you didn’t grow up with the console, but are still interested in retro video games this is a podcast for you. It is also a grapevine of knowledge especially for me because it could highlight some games in the NES library that I could potentially review in the future and to hear about the games is going to be helpful.

On a different topic, I am going to be trying something a little bit different with the blog because I will admit that lately the blogs have been boring to read back. So, I have done starting today is large sections of the blog on the way home from work because I feel it could make the blog more interesting. I used to this, but due to the fact that my phone has data limits, I would use so much data that I canned the idea. However, I found out the reason why was because the front page loads pictures and this eats through data like Pacman through ghosts. I tried loading the days page and it didn’t eat any data at all.

I can start making these blogs longer like before and hopefully be more interesting because I have noticed a drop in the number of reads the shorter blogs get because from what I see the topics I talk about are pretty boring. If you have any feedback relating to the blog, don’t be afraid to contact me because I want to make sure that I am putting out quality blog content and not something that might interest you one day, but the next day be something that might not get your attention.

Overall, I really think that 2 Dudes And A NES is a great podcast really worth listening to both for nostalgia for the system or for people who are interested in retro gaming history. I also hope that this blog is a lot better than previous blogs because I am looking to improve the content and grow the blog.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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