06/02/2017 (Day 239: Planning The Rest Of The Month Ahead)

I spent this evening having a look at all of my current projects, whether it be playing games for reviews, writing reviews or making some remixes that I have had on my back burners in this case for quite some time. The reason why I do this at the start of every month is because it lays out a framework for what my expectations are for getting work done for the month, therefore meaning that I won’t run into problems thinking about what to work on next. I definitely think this allows me to pick and choose my projects, especially with the fact that February is quite a short month. It also gives me the choice about what to prioritise what areas to focus on because there will be upcoming months where there will be not a lot of music to work on and there will be months where there will be not much work needed in terms of writing reviews.

February will be a month of balanced month because there are currently 2 music remixes that I want to work on, even though I feel that one of the remixes might stay on the shelf for a little while longer whilst I find a way to complete the remix. I am looking to play quite a few retro games this month because lately my focus has been on the Playstation and Playstation 2, therefore an issue arising potentially as I don’t want there to be back to back Playstation reviews. In terms of writing reviews, I am looking to get 2 weeks ahead, meaning that I will be writing 5 reviews and 3 of these reviews will be published this month.

Overall, this month will be another quite busy month and I am hoping that I can build a lead in terms of reviews, as well as making sure that I have a stockpile of games that I can look to review in the coming months. The music projects might arise literally out of nowhere because if I see something that could be remixed, then I will do it potentially. IN terms of my album, I want to continue working on the remixes, so that I can get more experienced before I work on my first album.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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