05/02/2017 (Day 238: A Great Week Overall)

This week has been a really good week because quite a few good things happened to me throughout the week. The first thing that happened, which occurred throughout the weekdays was the fact that work went extremely well and I was able to be really consistent throughout the week. Consistency is something I have been trying to obtain and improve upon throughout the entirety of January, but I think that this week was the first time I was able to chain 4 back to back days where everything went better than I could have planned. I am hoping that the upcoming week will be the same because if I continue working on my consistency and make sure that the mistakes are minimal, then I think that my confidence will continue to rise as well.

The other thing that was amazing happened yesterday when I went thrifting because I didn’t get very many new games, but I got a really rare title called ICO for the PS2. I researched the game up online to see how much the game is worth taking into consideration the condition of the game I got and I found out the game is worth about £20+. I was shocked to find this game because I have seen a friend of mine speedrun the game last year and I really wanted the game since I saw it. I actually played ICO today for a little while and I can see why the game was critically acclaimed because the graphics look amazing and I am really looking forward to playing more of it.

Overall, I am really happy with how this week went and it means that it is 2 really good weeks in a row and I hope that next week is also as good.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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