04/02/2017 (Day 237: ICO Some Awesome Games Thrifting)

Today I decided that I would my first thrift of February because it had been 3 weeks since I last went thrifting. My rules is normally to go thrifting once every 2 weeks because sometimes when I go to thrift stores, the manager of the store would sometimes say that they have some games a couple of weeks previous and that I missed quite a few games. Then, when I would check the store and there would be no games at all, meaning that I missed potentially quite a good haul. The way I decided to counteract this is by thrifting twice a month, which has allowed me to get quite a few more cool pickups, as well as becoming a regular at some of the thrift stores to the point where they know me now.

Today’s thrift I will say was a little bit disappointing simply because I didn’t find as many games as I have on previous thrifts, however there was one game that I found which completely nullified the reduction in the amount of things I found. In one thrift store, they had a copy of a PS2 game that I have seen speedruns of and it is a game that is held in extremely high regard, which has raised the prices of the game in recent years and that game is ICO. I found it in a thrift store for £10, which I will admit for a single game is quite a bit more than I would normally pay because I tend to buy games that are somewhat cheaper, but because of how rare ICO is I decided I had to get it. The value of the game in the condition I got it in is worth about £25+, which means I got quite a steal in terms of value. I am really looking forward to playing it because it is a game that I have watched quite a lot and the way the game plays from what I can see is amazing and the story as well is also amazing. It is safe to say that this game will be getting a review because it is a game that I feel I can try and do justice, however it won’t be for a while as I do not want to mess up a review of a game that is so well known and acclaimed.

Overall, even though I did not get many games in today’s thrift, finding a copy of ICO in near enough perfect condition makes up for all a smaller thrift. It is always a good feeling for me to find one rare games alongside some more common games, but the common and obscure games alway attract my attention.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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