03/02/2017 (Day 237: A Really Consistent Week At Work And How It Has Helped My Life)

Today was the 4th day in a row that I have been able to finish all the work that I do during the morning by the time that was required of me. I am really happy and also somewhat surprised by the progress that I have been making in my new role, considering the fact that I only started the role last Wednesday. There are definite improvements that I am starting to notice away from work that it is a byproduct of the positive thinking and work I have been doing.

The first difference is that my confidence has been skyrocketing in a way that I have never experienced at all in my life. Normally, I am someone who has struggled with either getting confidence or maintaining confidence due to the fact that small things normally cause me to become anxious, hence any confidence I previously had diminishing and disappearing almost immediately. However, lately my confidence has been continuously rising and this has allowed me to not harsh on myself meaning that the positives remain dominant over the small menial things. This has allowed me to start becoming thick skinned and take any criticism on board and actually process how I can improve, rather than thinking that I make nothing but mistakes.

The second difference is simply that I believe in myself and my ability to do the job I do, which is something I have had some issues with previous. Even when it comes to writing reviews and explaining some things about the game that perhaps I might have misunderstood, I normally would not include it in if I didn’t believe that I have enough solid information. However, the reviews nowadays I research much more thoroughly so I can believe that it will be correct.

The third and final huge positive that the consistency at work has helped me with is relighting the sparks I had for all of my passions, because a couple of months ago I was starting to lose my way and I felt quite lost. This was because I was forcing myself to write the reviews and make music, even though I went nearly 3 months without making a new remix and I missed writing them. The reviews were still of a high quality, but I felt like I was slowly falling out of love with writing music and reviews, which is such a bad feeling to have because these are things that I love making and writing. Now, on the other hand my passion for all my hobbies is at an all time high and I really look forward to more projects rather than feeling like I am weighed down with work.

Overall, the good couple of weeks of work I have had really has had a huge impact on everything that I do both at work and at home, which is such a good feeling. I do really forward to sharing all of these projects that I have been or will be working on in the coming months because I have a feeling that the quality will only continue to improve.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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