02/02/2017 (Day 235: Relaxing And Watching Reviews)

This evening was a time where I decided that I needed to rest and take it easy because I have been working really hard in my job. Lately, I have been searching for the extra percentage that I could put into my job and really push harder in terms of my ability and it seems like I have found that. But more than anything, one thing that I have been finding lately and it has been helping me to no end with work is that my confidence is sky high right now. I don’t think there has been a point during either education or my working life where I have felt more confident and comfortable with my ability. I can really see myself continuing to grow and get even better as my confidence and consistency improves.

Once I got home from work, I decided that it was time to watch some game reviews on Youtube because it has been quite a while and I needed to catch up on a quite a few of them that I missed. I really enjoy watching video reviews because it allows to me to watch the game in action and get a feel for what the reviewer is talking about. Personally, I would never feel comfortable recording reviews on camera as I find writing reviews to be more comfortable than speaking them. Also, sometimes when it comes to scripts and remembering them, I have a memory like a goldfish and tendency to fluff sentences and pronunciation and this is the case even when I do the video game pickups videos. Obviously, once I get past the introduction of the video, then of course I don’t do any retakes because I will have to re-record upwards of half an hour of footage.

Overall, I have enjoyed work lately and also watching some online reviews because it could inspire me to find more games when I go thrifting. The online reviews also tend to be of rarer games, so at least I know what games are rarer and if I find them then it would be amazing to find them.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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