31/01/2017 (Day 233: A Really Good Start To The Year)

January for me has been quite an interesting for me because I will be honest in the fact that the month started out really slowly to the point where I pretty much don’t remember anything about it. That is pretty much how the first half of the month went because I felt like things were going ok, but there really was not a lot happening in terms of my progressions. It was not until this second half of the month where I was really able to knuckle down and work on a wide variety of different projects, as well as release the first piece of music of the year. The remix was critically acclaimed by both the streamer and the streamer’s community. One member of the community reckoned I should write an album of remixes of the streamer, which I found to be quite flattering and something I would potentially consider further on down the line if I get enough time or enough creativity to make the remixes of differing styles. I also only yesterday submitted Starfox 2 for SNES Superstars, which I am really looking into running because I have been returning to speedrunning and hopefully with continue in a big day.

Now, you are most probably wondering why am I reflecting on how the first month of the year went? The main reason for this is because whilst I write about the entirely of a day went, I feel that at the end of the month it would be good to flashback to see how the entirety of the month went, almost like an overview so I can see what I can remember about it. I feel that this month went really well, especially with how successful the remix did, which was a surprise even though I really started to show my potential in terms of composition quality. I definitely think more remixes will be a good idea, so that I can continue to develop my ability to write in different tempos and musical styles.

Overall, even this month started off relatively slow, January has ended up being quite a positive month where I have taken some big steps and some awesome things happened. I am hoping February won’t start as slow as January and be much more memorable throughout.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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