30/01/2017 (Day 232: Huge And Important Announcement)

Today I would like to share some very exciting news regarding me, my stream and most importantly speedrunning. During Autumn of last year, I was involved in a speedrunning event called SNES Superstars, where the best SNES speedrunners would submit SNES games, which the runners were amongst the best runners of the games available. I ran Star Fox 2 Any% Normal in this marathon and believe me, it was the marathon run where I was really nervous because the viewer count was up over 1000+ viewers and it was an experience I have never forgotten.

Well, during the middle of March, SNES Superstars is back again and the organisers were looking for some runners to run their SNES games in the 9 day marathon. Now, I have only just returned from a long streaming and speedrunning hiatus and I was not really sure if I was ready to submit for the marathon because my confidence was not all that high. However, after speaking to a friend who has already submitted who also knows how good I am at Star Fox 2, she highly recommended I submit for SNES Superstars because she knows how positively received it was at the last event.

So, after some gentle persuasion, I plucked up the courage to submit 2 categories of Star Fox 2 this time rather than 1 because it would really cool to show up my ability across 2 categories and also show my commentary style off a little bit more. I honestly am really looking forward to this marathon because it is the biggest stage that I can currently perform on and showcase my ability to speedrun at a high level. What this means is that I will be needing to put in some practice often especially with the fact that I have been getting a little bit better at any% hard, but I don’t have the consistency yet that I have with any% normal. This is not really a problem as is more that I need to gain more experience with the any% hard category and the small details and optimisations that I can do in the run.

Overall, I am really excited to share this news because it will be my first speedrunning marathon of 2017 and I couldn’t have picked a better marathon to begin with, as I have positive memories of this marathon from last year.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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