29/01/2017 (Day 231: Gathering My Thoughts For The Week Ahead)

I decided that today I would spend most of my day thinking about what is up ahead this week and how best to plan everything because I want to maintain the momentum I have been gaining with all of my projects. I don’t normally spend Sundays thinking as deeply as I have done today, as Sundays tend to be the most productive day in terms of working on a variety of different projects, but I feel that after the amount of effort I put into the remix that I needed to give my creative juices a bit of a day off. The thing I don’t want to do is overwork my creativity to the point where I burn out because when I have burnt out before, it would take me quite a long time to even think about returning to projects. For example, after university, I got so burnt out with writing music and remixes I did not write or even open any music projects for over a year. Believe me, with the momentum and the success of the recent remixes that I have had, I don’t want to end up losing all the progress I have gained.

I have also been thinking about what games I want to play and review next because I currently only 6 games left of this current wave, which ends with review 35. I currently have quite a few games already lined up that I am ready to review, but I really think that I need to continue to try out a wide variety of games because it will make for the best reviews, instead of me reviewing nothing but platformers. There are definitely games that are currently on my radar that I will be playing, however I am completely open to suggestions for more obscure titles that perhaps I haven’t heard off or might easily miss.

Overall, today has been a successful day of planning, but also sorting out a few issues with my thinking because I want to remain positive and the best way to do these is eradicate the negative stems from ever materialising.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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