28/01/2017 (Day 230: The Remix Was Acclaimed!!!)

I mentioned yesterday that I did a remix for a streaming friend of mine because I wanted something to celebrate her getting Twitch partnership. I was not expecting too many people to listen to it because I make these remixes for fun and to make people laugh, which is not to everyone’s taste. However, when I checked on my Twitter and my Soundcloud to see how many listen to had got as I am always intrigued to see how the remixes are received both by the person I made the remix for and the community as well.

I never expect many people to listen to them, but this remix was critically acclaimed and I have quite a few people retweet the original tweet that the streamer I made it for and I even had comments asking me if I was make a full album of remixes of the streamer, which I found to be somewhat flattering because I never thought that there would be enough interest for me to make an entire album of remixes. I also had a few people follow me on Twitter, Soundcloud and even Twitch saying that I am really worth following because of the quality of the remix I made. This really made me feel like the music and remixes I have been making has impacted people and the people I make them for, which is all the inspiration and motivation to continue making music.

I will be honest, before I made the remix last night, I was questioning my ability to make remixes and music because I feel like I have lost some of my passion for my hobbies lately. However, the success of this remix has made me realise that the remixes and all the content I make for you, is at the end of the day worth it because it is not all about becoming the number 1 blog on the planet or the most successful remix artist of all time. It is all about making some cool content that people like and appreciate because it makes me happy to make it and it seems to make people happy.

Overall, I am happy with the remix and over the moon about how well it was received because losing passion for hobbies sucks and now hopefully I won’t need to second question my ability to do these hobbies.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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