27/01/2017 (Day 229: A New Remix Approaches!)

Tonight, I spent the entirety of the night working and finishing a remix for a streamer friend of mine who has recently got partnered on Twitch, which means people can subscribe to her. She has been working really hard to get partnered on Twitch for quite some now and she is rightfully deserved her Twitch partnership. I promised her a couple of weeks ago that I would remix one of her highlights that is hilarious because I really enjoyed remixing her before and the remix I did was positively received. However, this remix I want to work even harder on the production of it because I have trying to improve the quality of the remixes, as I do need the practice in mixing and mastering as I am looking to write my first solo album at some point in the near future.

I feel that the quality of the remix is of the highest standard I have done because I worked really hard on the smallest details that made the overall mix feel and sound more professional. I worked meticulously on the quality of the samples making sure that each sample was going to work effectively alongside other samples and not run into potential clashing issues. I also make sure that there were distinct sections to the track because there was one remix I did where I felt the song ended up getting quite stale and boring.

Overall, I am really happy with the quality of my work, which is something I rarely say due to my perfectionistic nature. I will inform you tomorrow about whether the person I made the remix for liked it or not because she hasn’t listened to it yet and she really liked my previous remix of her.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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