25/01/2017 (Day 227: 2D Virtual Man Digs A Really Deep Hole And Meets Some Lava)

If you could not tell by the headline that I named the blog today, yes I have been playing some more Terraria because it had been a little while since I played the game, also I have been playing on my 2nd character. I have 2 characters due to the fact that one of them has been made really powerful by playing multiplayer and In decided that there should be a single player mode exclusive character. What this means is that when I play single player, which I play most often, I will not have an overpowered character that will basically be overpowered and make the game really easy.

Today in Terraria (could be it’s own segment of spin off blog series, but I write enough blogs 😛 ) I decided to work on something which is known by Terraria players as the Hellevator. The concept behind this is that I basically dig straight down to the bottom of the world in a straight line, meaning that I won’t have to go through lots of different caverns and most importantly, not get lost and confused about where I m going. What this also allows me to do have a centre point within my mine, meaning that all the mining that goes on stems from this centre point. It sounds quite complex and perhaps like I have been overthinking it, however there is a boss which is within the lava sections that I will need to face much later in the game, so having this column makes reaching the boss easier. Progress did hit a snag because I hit some lava and the water turned it into obsidian and I of course do not have the right tier of weapon to mine it yet.

Overall, I still love playing Terraria because it is the perfect game to play after I come home from work and I want to zone out and play something that is truly fantastic. Also, I am reviewing the game sometime this year, so the more I play it, the more knowledgable I will be.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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