24/01/2017 (Day 226: Pushed Really Hard Today)

Today I decided to push really hard at work because I have been wanting to see how my stamina has been evolving since I have been working. It is safe to say that even though my weight has not gone very far, I have learnt that my stamina has improved drastically because I have been able not just to walk further, but also how much longer I can walk at a higher pace. The thing is normally I would judge my stamina by how far I can run and then think how I can build my ability to run even further. I now know there are better ways to build and judge by stamina rather than seeing how far I can run because there will be days where my running distance might be lower due to fatigue or tiredness coming into play. Therefore, the best measure of it is how consistent I can maintain a certain amount of intensity of work because stamina I feel is not about how much I can do in a day, but more how many days in a row or the period of time where I can maintain consistency. I learnt today that my stamina has improved quite a bit since I started my job because I am able to work at a higher level for much longer than I used to and all I need to do now is lose some weight and unlock my full potential.

Overall, I am really happy I have been getting fitter than I used to be because I was such an unfit person and I have wanted to improve my fitness for a while.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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