23/01/2017 (Day 225: Big Announcement and Podcast Overload)

I have quite an important announcement regarding the future of streaming and also my speedrunning because I have not talked about it for quite some time in the blog. I will be returning to streaming and speedrunning this week with streams on Thursday and Friday and I am really excited to make a return to streaming. I have not streamed in over a month and I have missed it because I was in the process of my building a community and growing the stream, but the hiatus period meant that both of these things have not progressed at all in the past month.

I am hoping that the fact that I am returning will mean that I will be able to really focus on planning stream schedules and also making sure that the quality of my streams will be of the highest quality ever. I will admit that the previous streams I did, when I look back at the quality of the streams I question why I did not put more effort not just into the quality of my speedrunning, but also the quality and professionalism of how the stream looks and appeals to potential viewers. I am worried that because I have been away from streaming for quite some time that the community I had built might not return because of the fact that it looked like I had retired entirely from speedrunning and streaming.

The final thing of note is that I am quite a huge fan of retro video game podcasts and I have been listening to them for about a year. However, lately I have not had the time to listen to them because of the amount of projects I have been working on. I decided it best to start over from scratch because I had listened to parts of some podcasts, but due to the fact I most likely had forgotten where I was in the podcasts. To my shock, I had realised that I have 380+ hours of podcasts to catch up which I think is the highest number I have had. However, when I play games for review or am writing for reviews/blogs I will listening to them, but I think that it will take some time to fully catch up.

Overall, the big announcement is one I have been waiting for quite some time to make, but I didn’t have anything concrete to offer. I also have a lot of podcasts to listen to and it will take some time to be fully up to date.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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