21/01/2017 (Day 223: Feeling Much Better And Schedule Update)

If you read yesterday’s blog, then you would know that I was quite unwell because I ended up with what I found out today was actually a stomach bug. However, I believe that I am over the worst of it now because believe it, when it was at it’s worst yesterday, I feel so unwell and completely short of energy in every which way possible. The thing I did which has helped me a lot was that I got lots of sleep and rested up quite well because that is the first thing I do whenever I get ill is to take my foot off the pedal. I also strangely drunk quite a lot of soup, which someone recommended to me and I was initially somewhat confused because it is a recommendation that I have never heard as a solution to being ill. However, it worked like a treat and the soup did wonders to recover some of the strength that I had lost during the illness because believe me, stomach bugs have a tendency to completely drain me of energy and make me feel tired and frazzled. I am not 100% over the stomach bug yet, but I definitely come this time tomorrow I will mostly be over most if not all of it.

Also, I mentioned yesterday about me having some scheduling issues in terms of making sure that I am ahead of reviews and such. Well, I have looked at my projects list and if I can write a couple of the upcoming reviews, which I can most likely finish tomorrow because they are games I am really familiar with, then I will 2 weeks to shift my focus onto the remixes. I really want to work on them and make some remixes that I wanted to have released by the end of the month, although at this point it will be quite a push to have one of the remixes done because I want to make sure that I am pushing up the production quality even higher. I am hoping that I can raise the bar because I am a perfectionist and making even higher quality remixes would be amazing.

Overall, it is great to be feeling better again, even though I still am not feeling 100%, but then again I wasn’t expecting to be 100% with 24 hours because that is ambitious. I am also happy with the progress of the schedule and the fact that I can make some serious progress.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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